Questions of Humanity

The Adventure Begins


For some reason or another, a group of amateur Shadowrunners have gathered in Canberra. According to their fixers, a major score is just around the corner, authorized by the Shiawase corporation. Times have been tumultuous recently, and Shiawase probably wants to get a leg up on other corporations in the Australian Republic.

Instead of going with a more experienced group, this Johnson seems perfectly willing (if not eager) to strike a deal with these newcomers. Suspicious to say the least, but maybe he’s looking for plausible deniability and expendable assets. Nonetheless, creating a lasting relationship with this Johnson is definitely important if the Runners are looking for more lucrative contracts… or just more contracts in general.

Meanwhile, rumors are spreading like wildfire in the Australian Republic: something has fallen from space and made a rather sizable impact in the outback, the Mana Storms are much less frequent but much more powerful, and corporations that aren’t usually active are spending much more resources in the area. At least one thing is going on, and where there’s one shady activity there are always more. It’s shaping up to be one crazy year, and Australia is at the heart of everything.


Bobashnabala Bobashnabala

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